After School Programs


Mrs. DaSilva (2nd grade teacher)

Monday, 3-4:00PM (6 weeks) grades K-5 $60

New to Wyman – Mrs.DaSilva is excited to make her After School Program debut!! In this exciting new class, students will build using hands-on stem kits. STEM is a creative and developmentally appropriate form of engineering for elementary students. STEM encourages students to think, innovate and imagine. Students will build their fine motor skills, creative design skills, apply structures to real-world designs, and construct a variety of two-dimensional shapes, lines, angles using basic geometry, all while having FUN!!!

Ultimate Upcycling:

Ms. Nyblom (Kindergarten teacher)

Tuesdays, 3-4PM (6weeks) grades K-5 $60

Missed her the first time around don’t worry!! The very popular Mrs. Nyblom is back with an exciting new class – Ultimate Upcycling!! Did you think it would be possible to make a fairy house out of a plastic bottle or a football game out of a shoe box – Well Ms. Nyblom is here to tell you – not only is it possible but she will show you how. “You name it, we can upcycle it” – the only limits are your imagination. Join her and the rest of the students in this after school program that turns one person’s trash into your next treasure.

Mini Hoops

One on One Basketball

Tuesdays, 3-4:15PM (6 weeks) grades K-2 $54

This class will introduce young students to the fundamentals of basketball and building confidence and love for the game. The class is designed to teach the most basic fundamentals of the game to its youngest players while keeping them engaged through fun drills and games. They will learn/improve skills in dribbling, passing, shooting, and offense/defense. A great class for the younger kids who LOVE basketball!

Theatre Games

Rhiannon Lynn Productions

Wednesdays, 3-4:00PM (6 weeks) grades K-2 $60

Theatre class for the younger crowd!! Let’s get started learning the fundamentals without the stress of memorizing lines or figuring out where to go on stage. We’ll keep it simple, and most importantly fun!!

Inventors Club

Mrs. Brennan (1st grade teacher)

Wednesdays, 3-4PM (6 weeks) grades 1-5 $65

Back by popular demand, the beloved Mrs. Brennan is ready to help students become little inventors!!! This class is making its grand debut at Wyman! With a variety of materials and building challenges students will be inspired to create inventions of their own. They will leave with a photo of them with each of their inventions at the end of the program. “Bring your creativity and your enthusiasm for engineering”

Art in the Dark

Mrs. Fortier (art teacher)

Thursdays, 3-4:00PM (6weeks) grades 1-5 $65

Did your child come home talking about the great art class their friends were doing last session and wanted to join in or just loved it so much they want to do it again? Well here is their chance, back for an encore - Art in the Dark!! Students will create art inspired by bioluminescent animals. They will create art that “glows” in the dark, using a black light!! Come over and join the dark side, it will be fun!!! Sign up fast only 15 spots available!


Rhiannon Lynn Productions

Thursdays, 3-4:00PM (6weeks) grades3-5 $60

ACTORS wanted!!! In this class geared towards the older kids, students will get some hands-on learning about how to prepare for acting in a scene or a play. The thespians will get lots of practice reading scenes with partners or groups, and will learn the basics of where to go, what to do, and how to act!!


One on One Basketball

Fridays, 3-4:15PM (6 weeks) grades 2-5 $54

With the final 4 around the corner and NBA on everynight, what better than an organized game of basketball after school once a week!!! Wear your favorite team colors and come for fun in this FRIENDLY competition class!! Each week students will work on fundamental basketball skills and then be divided into smaller groups for a friendly competition! All levels welcome – girls and boys are both encouraged to sign up…Grade 2 students if you are already playing on the regulation hoops and know the basics – this class is open to you as well!